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Cancel Culture is Canceled

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I'd like to start this article with a walk down memory lane. I've been writing, podcasting, and exposing "woke" pablums for close to 4 years now. I moved to Austin in August of 2015, and since I have successfully debased more people than I've entertained. (In certain internet circles at least.) But that's ok.

  • In 2015 I said 'The Force Awakens' was a remake of 'A New Hope', and that Han Solo's death was a misstep that lacked emotional gravitas for a series trying to reinvent itself. I was met with anger, hostility, and mockery . Only a year later this became the common consensus by the majority of the fandom, including its original defenders.

  • In 2016 I predicted Trump would win the election if only because a continued push against him by a liberal media could in turn cause people to react negatively and either vote him in, or vote for no one. Not only did Trump win, but the term, "backfire effect" is now a common phrase used when explaining the mindset of the 2016 election.

  • In 2017 I suggested that Zack Snyder was booted off of 'Justice League' and replaced with Joss Whedon because WB went into a tailspin panic over the direction of the film, and looked to course correct a potential critical disaster. I also maintained that the entire charade surrounding Snyder's daughter's suicide was just a PR scapegoat. Once again, I was publicly chastised and accused of creating clickbait. A year later Snyder revealed this is in reality exactly what happened. He was forced to bow out, and his daughter's suicide was used to avert suspicion and negative commenting. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut is now the topic of thousands of tweets and Youtube videos.

  • In 2018 I stated that a continued push of SJW type agendas and films, their overhyped marketing, and forced societal inclusiveness could begin to anger a reclusive base of fanboys made up primarily of xenophobic, racist, bigoted incels. And if not approached with more finesse could result in a resentful backlash; possibly leading to a multitude of mass shootings. I was laughed at immediately. This year alone almost every mass shooting was committed by a white twenty something male who self identified as a white-supremacist. [On a side note: You couldn't pay me enough to go to see the new 'Joker' movie opening night. That's begging to become an incident/example of toxic masculinity.]

  • And finally in 2019 I said that the conflation of Louis CK's conduct and stand-up would set a dangerous precedent; one that would normalize cancel culture through trial by public perception. I said that if anyone was offended by CK's joke, the issue wasn't with him, but rather the person being offended. My article was hastily removed from Facebook and even apologized for. (Not by me.)

With that said, I have no problem finally saying with complete and unabashed schadenfreude: "I fucking told you so." So where does this leave us? Well Netflix recently aired Dave Chappelle's comedy special, 'Sticks and Stones' where he called out an entire generation of whiney, overprivileged entitled children for acting like fucking idiots. He touched on many of today's cultural taboos, and did it without batting an eye. Rotten Tomatoes has a stupendous 99% Fresh rating by audiences, and an abysmal 30% rating by its mainstream critic circuit. For comparison, the audience score is comprised of an astounding 16k reviews, while the critic's score is of only 10 (at the time of this article). Suggesting to me, that there aren't too many critics willing to stick their necks out right now. That's a nice change of pace... Which brings me to my main point for this piece.

Anyone who lives in this country, is under 40, has a decently secure job, seeks out social justice as a sense of identity, and is offended by other people's lifestyle choices, is a pampered bitch who has literally no idea what real hardship is. Here's the thing; this isn't the majority of the population although it may seem and feel like it. In fact it's a small subset minority, who happen to be the ones writing the articles and comics you read, creating the movies and music you consume, making the decisions about the news you see, and program the games and sites you frequent. The majority of these people have the jobs that others want, and maintain a gatekeeping role by vilifying anyone who doesn't share their political perspective. They're using 'intolerance' as a way to usher in their rule of law. Its identity politics on a nuclear level, because it's done under the guise of inclusiveness when it's anything but. We live in an odd era. There is no doubt about that. But this didn't happen overnight. In a way, the US has become a sort of dystopian utopia. Generations have grown up with minimal war, medical improvements, instant information, and a subdued presence of unwanted physical confrontation and violence. This is a wonder of our modern society. It's also breed a collection of moronic shit-heads who have failed upwards into positions of prestige and power because the generations prior paved the way. And the majority of these "elite" people squawking about social justice are in reality just angry activists looking to get and stay triggered.

Meaning, if they aren't placated to, it's now socially acceptable to scream and cry about it publicly. They set the standard, and that standard is a collection of clap-backs used to reinforce their point. Did you share an unfavorable opinion online? Well now you're going to be ousted via Twitter for thinking differently, no matter how minor the offense. Civil discourse doesn't live here anymore. If we don't like you, we'll get our thousands of followers to blindly berate and hate you. Acting your age now entails a pithy response in 280 characters or less. (You showed him! Now sit back and enjoy your $8 latte.)

Ironically, many of these people don't actually want change, because actual change would force them to grow up. Growing up would give them less to complain about, and if your entire self-worth is being the "Woke SJW" pushing for reform, that's no longer a marketable skill if your goals are achieved. So now you just move on to another insipid movement that has almost no effect on society as a whole. The world needs to use less straws!!!.... apparently. And if Trump wins the 2020 election, SJW's will let out a collective sigh of relief. They would have achieved four more years of feeling relevant. At what point did "Freedom of Speech" become taboo? Independent thinking is now undercut and labeled "fascist". However, suppression of opposition and speech is actual true fascism. Many of these SJW types don't have the emotional or psychological maturity to deal with ideas and concepts that aren't their own or spoon-fed to them in an after-school special. It's why websites like Vice did an entire article suggesting you ignore the Chappelle special. The secret's out and it's time to man-up. Just because some concepts of social awareness don't serve you directly doesn't inherently mean it's a problem that needs to be fixed. Weaponizing pseudo intellectualism by way of slactivism for woke-points in the comments/posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube is lazy, judgmental and worthless. If you engage in this rhetoric, know that people don't hate you because they're "racist" or "bigots". (Most of them anyway.) They dismiss you because you're acting like a petulant child. Cancel Culture is now exposed for what it is. There's no hiding from it anymore. The gloves are off. Einstein said that: "World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones". But before that, sticks and stones will most likely help launch Civil War 2. -Will Valle

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