• William Valle

Dumbo Will Soar

Updated: May 1, 2019

I don't care how old you are, how tough you are, or how mature you are, on March 28th, when you're watching Disney's 'Dumbo' come to life on the silver screen for the first time in close to 80 years, you're going to ball your fucking eyes out. I'm not even saying the movie will be good. Although early tweets and reviews are suggesting it Burton's recent efforts have been hit or miss for over a decade, but regardless of his competency, every person in the theater is going to sob like a little bitch. I promise... Why? Because at this point, the country needs to. It's been a rough few years for everyone. Whether you're: high class, low class, mid class, black, white, or orange... to say we're becoming a bit fatigued of the day-to-day is an exhausting and obvious understatement. Apart from the dismal state of current events, entertainment as a whole has become so overwhelmingly politicized, spending money on a movie ticket automatically qualifies you as a sympathizer of whatever backdoor agenda that studio is pushing. And if you don't sympathize, then just run and hide now. Didn't like 'Captain Marvel'? Well you must be an 'incel'. Still enjoy Michael Jackson's music? Terrific, now you're a hypocrite. 'Identity politics' is the modern phrase for toxic fan based tribalism. It's spent years seeping into mainstream pop culture to get to this point. And it's about to pop-off. When the first trailer for 'Dumbo (2019)' hit, the latent dismissal and ridicule of the art design of the title character was unremarkably mainstream. A propensity for irrational, judgmental behavior seemed not only commonplace but oddly encouraged. This was a knee-jerk base reaction to something's appearance. If this doesn't sound like the intolerant landscape of today, I don't know what does. The irony being that the very message of the movie is to accept and tolerate those who are different from you, because everyone has something unique to offer. That's what makes them special. The stinging oversight of that message by dumping on a movie before it's release is tragic, but sadly predictable. Whether it's R. Kelly balling wildly on camera, or the two victims of HBO's 'Leaving Neverland' wiping the tears from their cheeks as they relive their pasts on camera; regardless of whoever you are or the path you've taken to reach your current state, eventually life weighs on you. And at that point, nothing will keep the tears back. Maybe all of the consistent anger, hatred, and vitriol is systemic of a larger issue. In fact, I can tell you for a fact that it is. Society is just worn out. This is why I predict 'Dumbo' will be the beginning of things to come. The country is so pent-up, it's looking for that break-through moment, and it's about to happen. Once films like 'Avengers: Endgame' come and go, and the superhero genre film effort folds, a kinder gentler era may emerge. Apart from the tried-and-true story of a child looking to be reunited with their mother, which every person on Earth can identify with, the movie is going to require so many to chose sides while watching the film. Are you Dumbo or are you apart of the horde of group thinkers who laugh at the baby elephant for being different? I don't think anyone is seeking to be in the latter category, and watching this film will force many to come to terms with that. Or maybe you're a stander-by to a friend being taken advantage of by someone looking to cash-in on that person's inherent gift/curse. Watching Dumbo's emotional struggle is going to hit a fever pitch for any audience member who's ever felt ousted or abandoned. Laughed at or shut-out. So essentially, everyone who's ever lived. 'Dumbo' comes out March 28th, but you may want to visit a CVS or Walgreens beforehand to pickup a box of tissues. Because when 'Baby Mine' starts to creep in, and your eyes well up... it's ok. Sometimes we all just need a good cry. -Will Valle

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